Dom ‘Phantom Sanchez’ Graham (guitar/vocals), Tommy M. (drums), Shane ‘Tha Doctor’ Lawrence (lead vocals), and Big Al Udell (bass)


Stand Divided has had a twisting and turning ever-evolving career thus far. Shane ‘Tha Doctor’ Lauder and Dom Graham crossed paths on a walk home 14 years ago from a meeting that they had in common. By the time they reached home, Dom was in Shane’s living room jamming out , writing music, and the act Shades Of Grey was born. It was a two man acoustic act fully driven by their love for Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell of the 90’s sensation Alice In Chains. They would go on to playing various festivals , start hitting radio interviews and showcasing their new sounds. Unfortunately life in a very bold way, and two near death experiences, severed the connection that held them together. Tha Doctor shipped off to Vancouver and played the Vancouver alt rock / metal scene with the bands “Filth” and was the original vocalist for now disbanded “Inside It Failed”. Dom ( Phantom Sanchez ) Graham moved forward with the new act “Inside Out”, fired up his new act “The Dom Graham Band” which then slowly emerged into “Stand Divided”. As well as writing new material, Shane was supportive of Dom continuing to use various material from their Shades Of Grey days and both players pressed on in their separate musical directions. They kept in touch on and off throughout the last 14 years, always within their conversations recognizing the chemistry and connection they had writing huge, massive alt rock songs. It was a no-brainer that this had to be relaunched. It required a face lift and both best friends decided it was time to go back to their roots, which inspired them the most to play music. 90’s alt rock. Fully hyped on their favourite bands, those bands being the likes of Pearl Jam , Stone Temple Pilots , I Mother Earth , Alice In Chains , Soundgarden , Porcupine Tree and A Perfect Circle (millennium band ), there was no way to keep these two apart as both realized one couldn’t write without the other. It was a match made in heaven/hell, however you want to look at it. So now the hunt was on, the ads went up online, and the tedious search for fresh faces had begun. Soon after, Big Al Udell on bass blew them away so much with the first track he auditioned, he was offered the job on the spot. Drummer auditions were more of a thorn in their side. Drummer after drummer rolled through the studio. It seemed as challenging as nailing jelly to a wall. Then one sunny Canada day weekend in a sweltering studio space walked Tommy M., a pocket player with huge hitting chops, an open mind, and the perfect attitude to share the vision. ENTER ………Stand Divided. Hailing out of the wild west coast of Victoria BC Canada, these guys keep climbing, they never look back, and are now starting to gain nation wide radio attention from their first debut single “Techno Zombie”, off their blistering upcoming debut album “Ghosts Of The Ocean”. Stand Divided describes their sound as fully driven, dynamically huge with lots of peaks and valleys to take their fans on a alt rock ride they’ve been waiting for within Canadian rock. Their humble attitudes are what separate them from the rest of the scene they are well aware it’s the radio stations and the fans that help them to continue their rise to achieve their vision. Brace yourselves North America, there’s some new boys on the scene and they don’t stand within the masses and the mainstream. Instead they choose to “Stand Divided”.